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Humble Thanks to His Excellency Hon'ble Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister for Health & Family Welfare, Science & Technology and Earth Sciences, Government of INDIA for reciprocating (within 180 seconds, amidst the COVID-19 National containment & treatment protocols) the communications titled "A faint beam of light at the end of the tunnel.... ", which is a continuous set of Post Publication Independent Reviews of Research Articles on COVID-19, submitted to the Govt. of INDIA


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3. https://www.prabhubritto.org/post-publication-independent-reviews-covid-19

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Top 1% of Reviewers in Engineering of Year 2019 (Oct. 2018 - Sept. 2019)

Top 1% of Reviewers in Cross-Field of Year 2019 (Oct. 2018 - Sept. 2019)

Top 1% of Reviewers in Computer Science of Year 2018 (Oct. 2017 - Sept. 2018)

Prof. Dr. Prabhu Britto Albert

Founding Editor IJBST Journal Group

http://www.prabhubritto.org http://www.ijbst.org http://editor.ijbst.org


Prof. Dr. A. Prabhu Britto is Founding Editor, IJBST Journal Group www.ijbst.org

His PhD work was done at the Center for Medical Electronics, College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University Chennai INDIA. His PhD Thesis title is “Investigations and Identification of a Novel Application for Discrete Cosine Transform based Gradient Vector Flow Active Contours; Extended as DCT based NGVF Active Contours”. His PhD degree was awarded by the Anna University Chennai in the Faculty of Information and Communication Engineering in the year 2009.

His Masters Degree was done in Electronics & Communication Engineering specializing in Medical Electronics at the College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University Chennai, INDIA and his Masters Thesis was titled “Microcalcification Detection of Breast Carcinoma in Mammograms” which was Funded by the Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology. His Masters Degree in Engineering was awarded by Anna University Chennai in the Faculty of Information and Communication Engineering in the year 2000.

His Undergraduate Degree was done in Electronics & Communication Engineering at the VLBJ College of Engineering, Bharatiyar University, Coimbatore INDIA. His undergraduate thesis was titled “Image Restoration using Hopfield Neural Networks”. His undergraduate degree “Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering” was awarded by Bharatiyar University Coimbatore in the year 1998.

His areas of interest include Cytogenetics, Medical Imaging, Automated methods for Diagnosis, Treatment Planning and Therapy, Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment, Public Health, Healthcare and related areas of BioMedical Engineering, BioPhotons, BioPhotonic Communication and Consciousness Fields.

He is the co-author for The Scientific Model of God and the Universe Ref. S. No. 26-53 at


He has also voluntarily served a Constitutional Head of State under article 51A of the Constitution of INDIA, by performing Live Review of a high-profile 18 year old court case and bringing out how the case was wrongly framed (using scientific methods) on the defendant (who is also a Head of State). The Live Review can be accessed at link https://www.prabhubritto.org/service-rendered-to-a-constitutional-head-of-state----dr-j-jayalalitha-chief-minister-of-the-state-of-tamil-nadu-india

Prabhu Britto Albert's website: http://www.prabhubritto.org


editor@ijbst.org, britto@prabhubritto.org, prabhu.britto@gmail.com, prabhu.britto@outlook.com

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